Norfolk hospital start to use temporary mortuary in old aircraft hangar

Scottow Enterprise Park

A temporary mortuary that was set up in a former aircraft hangar at the start of the pandemic is in use for the first time.

A temporary mortuary has been set-up at an old RAF base in Norfolk

The facility at the former RAF Coltishall base, now known as the Scottow Enterprise Park, was not required during the first wave of coronavirus but is now being used by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Tom McCabe, chairman of Norfolk's Covid-19 Strategic Co-ordination Group, said:

This temporary mortuary provides additional capacity to help make sure the county's hospitals have enough flexibility of space in their own mortuaries. and to ensure we can provide the most respectful and dignified way to look after those who have died. We can reassure people that we have a dedicated, trained team of staff who care for those who have died and been taken there,

Tom McCabe,Norfolk Covid-19 Strategic Co-ordination Group
The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

The hospital is using the temporary mortuary due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on top of usual winter pressures, and while it puts new equipment in place.