Post Brexit red tape causes pig industry crisis

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The region's pork industry says it's facing a major crisis in the aftermath of Brexit.

Despite the trade deal agreed between Britain and the EU, the export of pork products is at a standstill.

I think we have to accept there was always going to be difficulties with the change but it does seem now that the Europeans can export product into this country very easily and the government's helping get products in over the water and getting the trucks returned but we're finding that we cannot get our product over to the factories in Germany that buy the sow meat we're so desperate to move.

Rob Mutimer Norfolk Pig Farmer
Pig industry in crisis

The National Pig Association says overzealous Dutch inspection officials confiscating ham sandwiches from British hauliers is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Unfortunately we did warn people that this was exactly what was going to happen. We clearly have a situation where the European Union is in no way wanting to make this easy for us. In fact it's doing everything it possibly can to make it more difficult for us.

Dr Zoe Davies, National Pig Association

A spokesman for the government agency DEFRA said : We are are working with traders to support their transition to these new arrangements and will closely monitor the situation to ensure disruption is minimised."

In the meantime the farmers biggest concern is that many customers who are essential for a business worth fifty million pounds a year will go elsewhere.