Mum's appeal to look out for common sickness bug symptoms after baby gets covid

Lucy Jade Fisher and her son Albie, both have recovered after having Covid-19. Credit: ITV News

A Hertfordshire mother whose baby son became will with Covid-19 is warning other parents to be aware of symptoms which could be similar to those of a common sickness bug.

Lucy Jade Fisher from Bishop's Stortford, became concerned when her son Albie developed mottled skin and a sickness bug.

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I woke up and had all the symptoms, I couldn't taste, I couldn't smell, I had a cough. He had very red patchy skin, really cold hands and feet and a hot body.

Lucy Jade Fisher, Mother

When Lucy became ill with the classic symptoms of coronavirus, she realised Albie had the virus too, they both tested positive. Lucy had to look after Albie when she was very ill herself with a high temperature.

Although it is very rare for babies to become very unwell with the disease, Doctors are supporting Jade's appeal for parents to look out for the following symptoms:

  • Being unsettled

  • Not eating and drinking as usual

  • Not enough wet nappies

  • Sleeping more than usual or being lethargic

We are told that his age group aren't really affected, but in my case he was affected and he was worse than I was. It was a very traumatic week.

Lucy Jade Fisher, Mother

Albie has now recovered and getting ready for his first Birthday.