Cambridge-based company's non-invasive ventilator ready for roll out

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Exovent Ventilator Credit: Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group

A non-invasive ventilator developed by Marshall Aerospace in Cambridge for those with respiratory failure is set to be rolled out for mass production.

The exovent ventilator can be used on patients with coronavirus.

Its hoped the new machine will offer greater patient comfort as they don't need to be asleep or have an artificial airway in place.

Masrshall Aerospace will be working in partnership with Indian-based ventilator manufacturer Skanray.

Marshall has already shipped two of its prototypes designed and manufactured at its Cambridge headquarters, direct to Skanray, who hopes to be able to use them to develop a relatively low cost production model.

The company worked with frontline doctors and nurses to deliver the product:

Marshall is also hoping to secure a similar arrangement with a UK based manufacturer in the coming weeks.

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