Chicken producers in a flap as Brexit bureaucracy threatens business

Watch a report from ITV Anglia's Sarah Cooper here.

The owner of a family-run poultry business in Wisbech says he's losing thousands of pounds because of extra customs paperwork brought in since Brexit.

Steve Wigginton imports chicks into the UK from France, but says he hasn't been able to do any trips this year because of all the new admin.

For more than 20 years - Steve Wigginton has brought chicks from France - to his family-run farm near Wisbech.

But he says new Brexit rules are now making it impossible for him to import.

Poultry producers like Steve Wigginton from Wisbech are angry at the lack of help they have had Credit: ITV Anglia

Without the paperwork in place - Stephen's had to cancel orders. And he's already lost 10 thousand pounds. 

He feels small businesses have been left to fend for themselves.

"I think frustrated is probably an understatement of how, the last 21 days, where we've been trying to find forms, access information, emailing freight companies that either don't bother ringing you back, or say we're too small a business, or they're not taking new businesses on, so, again, that door has been slammed in your face."

The government says it's working closely with businesses to help them trade effectively under the new rules and says it's encouraging companies who're unfamiliar with the system, to appoint a specialist to deal with import and export declarations on their behalf.

The government also says it's put more than 80 million pounds into boosting the capacity of the customs agents market.

Steve says the next few months are about survival