Brexit: Red tape on red wine means 'less choice' for Britain's favourite tipple

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Matthew Hudson

Brexit is causing problems for some businesses here in the east as they try to continue trading with Europe.

For Cambridge wine merchant Hal Wilson it is causing red tape on his red wine.

Britain's departure from the EU custom's union means new procedures which are causing delays for some businesses.

Hal Wilson, one of the founders of Cambridge Wine Merchants

Cambridge Wine Merchants has nearly 20,000 bottles of Spanish wine in this country which can't be accessed until Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs says so.

Daniel Zeichner, the Labour MP for Cambridge who is also the Shadow Food Minister has raised the issues at Westminster. He believes many businesses will suffer unless more streamlined systems can be negotiated.

The Government says it will work with businesses to ensure they can trade effectively under the new rules.

Cambridge Wines' Red Wine Selection

Cambridge Wine Merchants supplies to every single university college in the city and has contracts with hundreds of producers across Europe.

They believe that unless solutions are found, the long term effect will be higher prices and less choice.