Luton hospice warns of funding shortfall

  • Watch a report by ITV Anglia’s Stuart Leithes

A Hospice in Luton is facing huge funding shortfalls as lockdown continues to affect its income.

It costs around £6 million a year to run Keech Hospice, most of that comes from fundraising events and charity shop income.

Lockdown's left its shops closed and seen a drop in fundraising. Staff say they are also facing huge challenges with care.

Angie Shipley Credit: ITV Anglia

Staff at the hospice have had to adapt to wearing PPE - like those on the frontline in hospitals. Some patients find this confusing, but the staff know it is important.

Daily challenges with care have been made more difficult with the virus. Half of those being looked after by the hospice at the time of filming had tested positive for Covid 19. 

The hospice also says there could be an increase in demand, with an ageing population and delays in some treatment.