One of the most hit railway bridges open again after repairs

The bridge at Stonea Credit: Network Rail

One of the country's most hit railway bridges has reopened following a crash in 2019 which caused significant damage.

It was the 13th time the bridge had been struck that year and the damage meant the road underneath had to be closed for safety reasons.

The low bridge at Stonea in Cambridgeshire, runs beneath the Ely to Peterborough train line .

Engineers have repaired it and installed a new protection beam to make it stronger than before.

Damage to the bridge at Stonea in 2019 Credit: Network Rail

The underpass was Britain's second most hit railway bridge in 2018.

While the new bridge is stronger, Network Rail is appealing for drivers to check the height of their vehicle to avoid any further strikes.

We have carried out extensive works to make the bridge stronger, but this doesn't mean that drivers can be complacent. Motorists should do their bit too and wise up, size up

Ellie Burrows, Network Rail
The bridge at Stonea Credit: Network Rail

I'm pleased to see the road has reopened as this will reduce traffic in the area. The new signage will provide warning to drivers on the approach to the bridge and help prevent further accidents

Cllr John Gowing, Cambridgeshire County Council

Network Rail says on average there are five bridge strikes per day across the country and they spend around £23m per year on repairs.