Visiting the parrot from Bedfordshire who's become an international Tik Tok star

  • Sarah Cooper went to meet Shelby, you can take a look at her report here

We've covered lots of stories on animals over the years, but very rarely are they international celebrities.

Shelby the parrot from Harlington in Bedfordshire has amassed 173,000 fans from all over the world on Tik Tok after her owners decided to document the life of owning a Macaw.

Shelby even goes on family walks. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Shelby's owner, Carlie Thomas, says she's a free-flying parrot who doesn't have a cage at home.

Carlie says Shelby's a bit like a boomerang, in that she always comes back.

The family even takes the blue and gold bird on their daily exercise.

Carlie and Shelby. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Shelby has become pretty well-known, and Carlie says the fame has definitely gone to her head.

Shelby has thousands of followers across various social media platforms. Credit: ITV News Anglia

9-year-old Kason says Shelby is quite mischievous and difficult to live with at times.

Shelby should live until she's 80-years-old.

She was bought to keep Carlie's dad's memory alive, and that's exactly what she does every day.

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