Exclusive: Parents of missing Leah Croucher speak of ‘torture’ they are going through

Liz Summers speaks to Claire and John Croucher

The parents of missing Leah Croucher from Milton Keynes have spoken exclusively to ITV News Anglia about the torture they are still going through - two years on from her disappearance.

Leah was just 19 when she vanished on her way to work in Milton Keynes. Her family described the time since her disappearance as the ‘longest and toughest two years’.

Claire and John Croucher say they are desperate to know what has happened to their daughter. 

Leah Croucher went missing on 15 February 2019

In November 2019 - unable to cope with Leah's disappearance her half brother, Haydon, took his own life.

Thames Valley Police has scaled back its investigation and admits there are no new leads in the case.

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