Six-year-old boy with asthma running 40 miles to raise cash for NHS staff charity

  • Watch a report on Harrison's fundraising running by ITV News Anglia's Rebecca Haworth

A six-year-old boy from Bedfordshire, who has asthma, is running 40 miles in February to raise money for his local hospital charity. 

Harrison Davies from Biggleswade isn't used to running but felt compelled to do something to help out during the pandemic.

It is an ambitious target especially as he hasn't really run before because of this asthma.Harrison told ITV News Anglia: "Knowing that my mum and dad have done it before, so I wanted to start doing it to see how hard it is."

Six-year old Harrison Davies from Biggleswade is running 40 miles with his mum Amy to raise money for NHS staff Credit: ITV News Anglia

He has run in freezing cold conditions through snow and ice with his mum Amy.

Amy Davies said "Getting out there every single day is hard, it's not an easy task and especially for a little boy, a little boy with asthma.

"Winter is a time where he suffers with his chest, so I actually wasn't sure how it was going to go, but I'm so proud of the determination and grit that he's shown so far, to just get out every day and smash out those miles. He's brilliant."

Harrison said he wasn't used to running because of his asthma Credit: ITV News Anglia

Harrison set out to raise £75 for East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity but already the total stands at well over £1,000 on the Just Giving website.

Bethany McNeil, East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity: "What Harrison raised his money for is our Here For Each Other appeal, which we set up specifically to support staff, patients and families through the covid-19 pandemic.

Harrison had a target to raise £75 but he has now raised well over £1,000 Credit: ITV News Anglia

Part of the magic of what Harrison is doing is inspiring others to get running and boosting the morale of our frontline workers. 

And he told ITV News Anglia he is proud of himself.