Banksy's 'hula-hoop girl' to be displayed in Bury St Edmunds Museum

Credit: ITV Central

A Banksy mural taken from a wall in Nottingham is to be restored and put on display in a museum in Suffolk.

Banksy's 'hula-hoop girl' artwork was bought by an art collector from Essex for a six-figure sum. 

John Brandler, who runs a gallery in Brentwood, said he was saving the artwork from damage and destruction. He said:

Credit: ITV Central

The mural will go to the Moyse's Hall Museum in Bury St Edmunds which has a large collection of Banksy pieces.

Nottingham residents were disappointed that the piece was leaving their city.

But Nottingham's loss is a gain for modern art in Suffolk.

Mr Brandler said that the 'hula-hoop girl' artwork will feature in a street-art exhibition in the museum.

It is set to start on May 2, running until the end of September.