The artwork that’s a load of old rubbish

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Armed with their rubbish bags and litter picks, a group of young people in Dovercourt are on a mission. Not only are they helping to keep the beaches clean, but they are also hoping to create great works of art.

Artwork from recycled rubbish on Dovercourt beach Credit: ITV News Anglia

Libby Scarfe, who runs Seaside Explorers in the Essex town, has been coming up with different challenges to get the children outside and caring about the environment around them. 

Her latest competition involves encouraging youngsters to create something out of the litter they find on the beach and send her photos of their finished work.

Volunteers litter pick in Dovercourt for art competition. Credit: ITV News Anglia

I believe that if we look after it and we teach the children to look after it, then that knowledge and that care spreads. The beach is getting looked after, we’re all outside getting fitter and healthier and the kids are learning at the same time as well.

Libby Scarfe, Seaside Explorers

In their efforts to find items to use in their artwork, the children have come across rope, plastic wrappers and plenty of coffee cup lids.

Emma will often come out and if she sees a piece of rubbish she will point it out and ask us to pick it up. My middle son is really arty so he’s really excited to get involved in this.

Lydia Wynne-Jones, Mother
Audrey Scarfe creating art from rubbish on Dovercourt beach Credit: ITV News Anglia

The competition runs until March 17th and a member of Cornwall’s beach clean team will be judging the entries.  Libby has been working closely with them to share ideas on how to clean up our coastline.