RSPCA called to Chelmsford station to rescue seagull stuck in a bin

The seagull spotted inside of the bin Credit: RSPCA

A seagull had to be rescued by the RSPCA after he got stuck inside a bin in Chelmsford station. The bird was spotted digging through rubbish in the bin under the railway last Tuesday, scavenging for food.

A passer-by noticed the gull was still there a while later so they called the RSPCA, concerned that the bird may be stuck.

Animal rescuer Chloe Frost lifted the gull free, checked it over and then released it in a quiet road.

She said:

No doubt this cheeky gull was on the lookout for something to eat and thought he'd try his luck in the bin. It seems he got in without a problem, but getting out wasn't quite as straightforward. I'm really glad people gave us a call as it was a simple rescue that helped the gull back on his way again. We checked him over and he was fine. Maybe he'll think twice about climbing in a bin again!

Chloe Frost, RSPCA