How many Covid-19 patients are being treated in hospitals in the East of England?

Collage of NHS hospitals in the Anglia region - Southend, Kettering, Basildon and Northampton

The number of patients being treated in hospital with coronavirus in the Anglia region is now declining again after reaching the same level as in February 2021.

There were 526 patients with coronavirus in hospitals in the East of England on Thursday 19 May which was 198 fewer than on the same day in the previous week, a decrease of 27%. It is the lowest level of Covid patients in hospital in the region since before Christmas last year.

In comparison, there were 4,306 Covid patients being treated in the region's hospitals in mid January 2021 which was the highest figure recorded during the pandemic in this area.

The pressure on the NHS is one of the key measures the government uses to decide the level of restrictions needed to curb the Covid infection rate.

At one point during early January 2021, up to 500 people a day were being admitted to hospitals in the East of England for treatment for coronavirus. By the end of March 2021, the average daily figure was below 30.

There are 19 major hospitals in the East of England and a number of smaller local hospitals.

Bar chart of daily hospital admissions in the East of England for patients with coronavirus

Bar chart of the number of people with coronavirus being treated in hospitals in the East of England

The NHS East of England region including hospitals in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes, Norfolk and Suffolk. Hospitals in Northamptonshire and Rutland are in the NHS Midlands region

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