NHS frontline worker's shock at being told to 'stay home' after telling 'covid deniers' to follow rules

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An NHS frontline worker has spoken of his disbelief at being told to stay at home after telling Covid deniers to follow government rules.

Gary Oldershaw took to Facebook after a 12 hour shift at Broomfield Hospital, where he'd worked for seventeen years. 

His angry online post prompted a complaint from a member of public to the mid and south Essex NHS foundation trust, who went on to withdraw his shifts.

Gary Oldershaw decided to retire last summer after seventeen years at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford working as an operating department practitioner. But when the second wave of covid hit, he decided to return to help.

During the pandemic because of lockdown I decided to go back to Broomfield hospital to work on ITU because they were extremely short staffed with an influx of covid patients.

Gary Oldershaw, NHS frontline worker

In a statement the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust said it was unable to comment on an ongoing investigation.