"Nothing has changed for me": The mother of Harry Dunn says Anne Sacoolas needs to face the UK Justice system

  • Watch an interview with the mother of Harry Dunn, Charlotte Charles and the family spokesperson Radd Seiger.

The head of the UK's judiciary has rejected an offer by the suspect in the death of Harry Dunn to undertake community service in the US and make a "contribution" in his memory.

US citizen Anne Sacoolas, who allegedly crashed into Mr Dunn while reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road, also offered to meet the 19-year-old motorcyclist's family in a bid to resolve the matter without returning to the UK, says her lawyer.

Anne Sacoolas, Harry Dunn. Credit: ITV news

Mr Dunn's mother Charlotte Charles says she wants "accountability", saying that "No one is above the law."

And that "It's not up to us and its not up to them to choose what gets handed down. She needs to get to the starting blocks of our UK justice system and let them take it from there."