Banishing bad hair days with countdown to Trimdependence Day and hairdressers reopening

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Bad hair days and do-it-yourself haircuts are numbered as a desperate and increasingly hirsute population count down to hairdressers flexing their scissors, plugging in the heated curlers and reopening their doors.

Some have dubbed the looming deadline 'Trimdependence Day'.

The government has set a target date of Monday 12 April for the reopening of personal care premises, such as hairdressers and nail salons, along with non-essential retail shops. A final decision on the date will be made at the beginning of April.

ITV News Anglia viewers have been sharing their own DIY attempts at keeping their locks in trim via Facebook.

Jason Mold said his son Oliver was mid way through shaving his head when the batteries on the clippers ran out.

Oliver Mold was halfway through his trim when the batteries on his clippers gave in Credit: Jason Mold

Norwich barber James Jewell says he's expecting to see some horrendous haircuts when customers arrive back in his chair.

Mr Jewell said: "Ever since the date was even rumoured, the book's been going mad. People booking in left, right and centre. Can I get an appointment here, there and everywhere? It's just so hard to get everyone in at the same time really."

Many people have just let nature take its course during this latest lockdown.

Lisa Clark from Clacton in Essex said: "Hair cut? My son's gone the other way and gave up having it cut."

Lisa Clark from Clacton says her son has just let it all grow Credit: Lisa Clark
Suzy Burnett posted a picture of her partner Rowan Halstead and his 'mop' Credit: Suzy Burnett

Karen Turner from Great Yarmouth posted a picture of her grandson's fringe with the comment: "Apparently my daughter trained as a hairdresser.

Fringe benefits: Karen Turner from Great Yarmouth shared this picture of her grandson Credit: Karen Turner

Kimberley Gould, a health care assistant in Norfolk, was quite proud of her efforts when she posted her picture on the ITV News Anglia Facebook page.

She said: "Before and after - I don’t think I done too bad!"

The hair clipping efforts of Norfolk health care assistant Kimberly Gould Credit: Kimberly Gould

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