Prostate cancer referrals down by 4,000 in East Anglia

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Men across East Anglia are being encouraged to get checked for prostate cancer. 

The coronavirus pandemic has led to referrals being down by over 4,000 across the East, 22% lower than usual. Prostate Cancer UK say this is cause for ‘big concern’.

Across the UK urgent referrals are down by almost a third, prompting the charity to warn people could be at risk of being diagnosed too late to be cured.

Who is most at risk of prostate cancer?

  • Men over 50 (or black men over 45)

  • Men with a family history of prostate cancer.

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms, such as difficulty when urinating, should speak to a doctor to get checked.

Unlike many other cancers, early prostate cancer often has no symptoms, so the charity is asking men to take its ‘risk checker’ to see if they should speak to their GP about getting a check. 

Broadcaster and former ITV Anglia sports reporter, Tony Jones, was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. 

Tony is back at work after successful surgery last year Credit: ITV News Anglia

Last year he feared his career was over. A blood test revealed he had prostate cancer - but after successful treatment and surgery at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in December he's already back at work - all because he caught it early.

Tony, who regularly commentates on football matches, added: 

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