Silverstone chosen to host new F1 sprint race

Silverstone has been chosen to trial the new faster F1 format

Formula One is the latest sport to embrace the ethos of less is more, with the launch of a new format.

Silverstone has been chosen to host one of the first sprint races before this year's British Grand Prix, it's been reported.

Formula One chief executive Stefano Domenicali said the Northamptonshire course is among the three race tracks which will trial the new format this season.

It means the motorsport will follow the likes of cricket, rugby, and golf in launching new, faster, shorter fan-pleasing formats.

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How will the new format work?

Friday's second practice session is expected to be replaced by qualifying to make up the grid for Saturday's shortened race, which will be approximately a third of the length of Sunday's grand prix.

Points - the amount are still to be decided - will be awarded from the results of the sprint race, with the finishing places making up the starting grid for the following day's Grand Prix.

The details are due to be discussed later today (Thursday 11th March) in Bahrain, where teams are assembling ahead of the start of the season later this month.

No scenes like this: They'll be no podium presentation for the sprint races Credit: PA Images

Speaking to a national newspaper Domenicalli said:

"For sure we do not want to take away the prestige of the grand prix itself. That will remain the climax of the weekend. We will have the qualifying on Friday and then 'sprint qualifying' on Saturday.

The Italian, Brazilian and Canadian Grands Prix are reportedly the contenders to host the other two sprint race trials.