Inspirational Isla: Girl with rare condition's trike challenge raises thousands for hospital

A seven-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder which limits her movement has completed a 46-mile tricycle challenge, raising thousands for Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Isla Hastings cycled laps of St Neots, where she lives, and parks in Cambridge with the aim of just raising a few hundred pounds.

But on Saturday, 20 March, when she finished the challenge Isla had received over £9,000 in donations.

The money will be given to Addenbrooke's Hospital, which treats Isla weekly for a rare condition called Freeman Sheldon Syndrome which causes scoliosis (bending of the spine) and arthrogryposis (curving of the other joints).

After finishing the challenge, Isla said it had been "hard for my legs, hands and all my muscles", but added that she was "very proud of myself, and also excited."

Her pride was echoed by her mum Nadine Hastings, who said: "I am so excited, I'm probably more nervous and excited for her than she is, because it's been such a hard thing for her to do and such an amazing thing for a seven-year-old to want to do, but I am so so proud of her."

As well as the money raised, Ms Hastings said the challenge had helped Isla feel more comfortable about her appearance.

She said: "For a little girl who looks different in a society where it isn’t the norm, this has been amazing for her because people have got to know her and they’ve stopped staring and they’ve greeted's given her a sense of community and belonging which actually I cannot thank everybody enough because its absolutely amazing."

Isla was taking part in the 'Giza Pyramids Virtual Challenge', which encourages people to run 46 miles during lockdown.