Father of a baby who died when a van hit his pram campaigns to prevent more children losing their lives on our roads

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The family of a 5-month-old baby from Cambridgeshire who was killed when a van hit his pram while out walking near the A10 in Waterbeach with his mother has launched a charitable foundation to prevent more child pedestrians dying on our roads .

Louis Thorold and his Mum Rachael Credit: Family handout

Louis Thorold died at Waterbeach near Cambridge in January. His mum Rachael is still recovering from multiple injuries.

His dad Chris says simple measures such as lowering speed limits and installing barriers next to pavements at blackspots would save lives.

Chris Thorold at the scene of the accident Credit: ITV Anglia

Chris has set up the Louis Thorold Foundation with the aim of eliminating infant pedestrian deaths, and called for immediate improvements at the junction of the A10 and Car Dyke Road.

Chris says Rachel is now starting her road to recovery and admits it was a miracle that she survived, he says at 50 miles an hour being hit by a vehicle chance of you surviving is close to zero.

He says he can't thank enough the Air Ambulance and workers in the NHS adding without such an amazing group of people Rachel wouldn't be here today.

Flowers have been left at the scene Credit: ITV Anglia

By comparison with many other countries Britain's roads are relatively safe. But at the same time on average every year around 40 child pedestrians are killed on those roads. That's not far off one child every week.

Louis' family has set up a charitable foundation in his name to lobby for pedestrians to be given more consideration in road planning.

Since the accident Cambridgeshire County Council has committed to

  • Fast Track a Route Safety Study into the A10 between the A14 and Denny End Lane by Friday 26th March to ensure sufficient evidence exists to support safety improvements

  • Install Speed Monitoring Equipment with a view to generating evidence to support a speed limit reduction which will be completed via a Traffic Regulation Order, which will be applied for in late April for introduction in early June

  • Bring forward works already planned to install a segregated dual use pathway between Waterbeach and Milton with works starting later this year

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