Suffolk company has goods worth half a million stranded on the 'Ever Given' in Suez Canal

  • Watch an interview with Steve Parks, Director of Seaport Freight

A company in Felixstowe says it has twenty containers of goods, worth around half a million pounds, stranded on the Ever Given, the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

Seaport Freight Services is a shipping and freight-forwarding company based at the Port of Felixstowe.

Director Steve Parks has told ITV Anglia the containers include goods for Amazon, vinyl flooring and spare parts for motors and pumps.

If it's cleared quickly, then it's not too much of a problem, but if it goes on, that will cause a real problem. It will be like a bung released, all the ships will be coming through. I fear there's gone to be quite a new vessels hitting the UK in one go and we're going to have a queue of vessels outside the port waiting to get in.

Steve Parks, Director, Seaport Freight

Customers have been calling the company asking for updates, however at the moment they don't know when the canal will be open again and when the Ever Given will be able to continue its journey.

Seaport says delays at Felixstowe caused by stockpiling and Brexit had just started to be resolved.

Now though, with more than 200 ships waiting to get through the Seuz Canal, they fear there will be considerable delays when all the cargo gets through and starts arriving in the UK.

The cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal. Credit: ITV News

The company says other ships will also have to decide whether to wait for the canal to re-open or to re-route around Africa, which will add at least 7 days to their journey time, but also add a considerable cost.