Staff at Whipsnade create Easter egg hunt for zoo's youngest elephant

Staff at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire have created a special Easter activity for their youngest elephant to kick off the bank holiday weekend.

Four-year-old Elizabeth, the zoo's youngest endangered Asian elephant, was treated to an Easter egg hunt of huge proportions while the zoo remains closed.

Each of the huge, colourful eggs were hidden by her keepers. The "eggs" were in fact watermelons covered in edible paint, which keepers say are her favourite treat.

The "eggs" were actually watermelons covered in edible paint. Credit: Whipsnade Zoo

With no visitors this Easter bank holiday, the Zoo’s team of keepers are taking extra efforts to ensure that the animals don’t miss out on the fun. 

With that in mind, the Zoo’s elephant keepers created the unique hunt to stimulate the young elephant’s natural curiosity and scavenging skills.  

The zoo currently remains closed to visitors but is hoping to reopen on April 12th. Credit: Whipsnade Zoo

The financial losses for zoos like Whipsnade during the pandemic have been huge. With no government support, ZSL will have missed out on a potential £26million of income by April 12th, the earliest date on which zoos will be permitted to reopen.

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