One of our dinosaurs is missing: golf course left waiting after star attraction gets stuck in Suez canal

A new golf attraction in Cambridgeshire is facing an unusual problem - one of its dinosaurs is missing.

The Kingsway Golf Centre in Melbourn near Cambridge opened this week. 

It offers what's described as adventure golf on a course decorated with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

Smaller dinosaurs are in place at the course in Cambridgeshire Credit: ITV Anglia

But a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex model destined to be the centrepiece of the attraction is on the Ever Given cargo ship which got stuck in the Suez canal.

James Watts from Kingsway said they had been hoping the dinosaur would arrive in January or February but Brexit and disruption at the ports had already pushed it back.

Last week they found it was on the boat in the Suez canal. The Ever Given has since been freed but is being checked over so goods on board are still subject to long delays.

It's just another thing to add to its trip the minute he's just bobbing along somewhere waiting to come out and be here. He's actually our centrepiece dinosaur which sits next to the cave and the waterfall so to not have him here is a shame, but it is what it is.

James Watts, Operations Director, Kingsway Adventure Golf
A digger trying to dig out the keel of the Ever Given Credit: Suez Canal Authority/AP

A company in Suffolk also has goods on board.

Seaport Freight Services from Felixstowe says it has twenty containers of goods, worth around half a million pounds, stranded on the Ever Given.

Director Steve Parks has told ITV Anglia the containers include goods for Amazon, vinyl flooring and spare parts for motors and pumps.

The cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal. Credit: ITV News