Team talk: the football club helping to tackle mental health issues in schools

Northampton Town Football Club are trying to tackle issues surrounding mental health Credit: ITV News Anglia

Northampton Town Football Club are helping deliver lessons on mental health to schools across the county as part of an initiative called Team Talk.

It's not unusual for sports teams to help schools in their local areas with things like PE. But Northampton Town Football Club are tackling issues surrounding mental health too. 

At Woodford Primary in Northamptonshire, these pupils are guided by a mentor from Northampton Town Football Club Community Trust, as part the Team Talk initiative.

When the pandemic forced school closures, the lessons and techniques were sent via video. 

Pupils receiving a 'team talk' from the football club's community trust Credit: ITV News Anglia

Joe Dillion does one on one or small groups sessions, with children who can find it difficult to engage in school. Giving them the confidence they need to excel.

The Education & Sport Mentor says "When you see someone growing it's brilliant knowing the work you've done with them, you've made an impact on their lives in school or at home, so it's brilliant."