East Anglian Air Ambulance CEO retires

Patrick Peal will step down in June Credit: East Anglian Air Ambulance

The co-founder and CEO of East Anglian Air Ambulance has announced he will be retiring from his post in June. 

Patrick Peal helped set up the organisation more than two decades ago and has served as CEO for seven years.

The organisation says in his time they have grown, not just in fundraising but the service they offer to people. 

Before he leaves the Air Ambulance will be extending its flying service 24/7, currently the middle of the night is covered by rapid response vehicles.

Being CEO of East Anglian Air Ambulance is the best job I’ve ever had, but all good things must come to an end eventually. The charity is approaching an exciting new era of 24/7 helicopter operations and now is the right time for me personally to step back and let someone else lead EAAA into what I’m sure will be a very exciting future.

Patrick Peal

More recently the charity has seen it open up a base at Norwich Airport to compliment its base at Cambridge Airport.

The organisation's two helicopters can fly to anywhere in East Anglia within 25 minutes.


Missions a year in 2014


Missions a year in 2019

Taking over from Patrick will be Matthew Jones, the current Director of Operations. 

It’s a huge honour to be offered the opportunity to lead this fantastic organisation into the future and I will do my very best to carry on the remarkable work that Patrick has started. Patrick has been an enormous part of getting this charity to where it is today and it is extremely humbling to be entrusted with this role.

Matthew Jones