Norfolk seal rescued with ‘severe’ plastic ring injury

  • The seal was known locally as ‘Mrs Vicar’ as she was spotted with a white collar around her neck.

A seal has been rescued from Horsey Beach in Norfolk after a plastic ring was stuck around its neck for over two years. 

‘Mrs Vicar’ is now under the care of RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk thanks to the seal rescue team, part of Friends of Horsey Seals.

The adult grey seal had a rigid 2.5cm white plastic ring embedded in her neck, causing a 7cm deep wound. 

Once getting a ring on their head seals are unable to get them off. As she grew bigger, the ring caused more problems. 

The white ring has been on the seal for over two years. Credit: RSPCA

After previous efforts to help the seal, rescuers were finally successful on Easter Sunday.

The ring was removed by a vet and the seal was given pain relief and antibiotics. 

I’m so grateful she’s now been rescued and we can care for her. She is very quiet this morning and her wound is very sore with a bad smell but we are hopeful she will recover.It’s so infuriating knowing that this injury could have been prevented. All we can do now is hope that Mrs Vicar is strong enough to pull through.

Alison Charles, manager at RSPCA East Winch

She is now receiving salty baths every day to help her recover.