Police dogs take on ‘ultimutt’ challenge to climb Snowdon

Credit: Northants Police

Two serving police dogs will be joined by seven officers to climb Mount Snowdon for charity. 

Two-year-old PD Socks and eight-year-old PD Nala from Northamptonshire Police’s Dog Section will accompany the officers on the challenge, in an effort to raise money for a charity close to their hearts. 

The Thin Blue Paw Foundation supports serving and retired police dogs, providing financial support to the canines whose vet bills are unable to be covered by insurance due to their working life.

Nala, who is the Force’s oldest dog in service, is set to retire later this year and will be registered with the foundation.

Nala will eventually join retired PDs Harper and Redd Credit: Northants Police

The team will complete their climb later this year, once coronavirus restrictions are eased. 

When our dogs retire, their handlers have the option to keep them post-service, or allow them to retire with other suitable people in their forever homes. Unfortunately after retirement there is no support for the medical treatment of the dogs, and it is often not possible to insure them. As a result, the work of the Thin Blue Paw Foundation is invaluable.

PC Marta Murray

The PCs hiking the 1,085m high peak include Lucy Sculthorpe, Marta Murray, Sean Foster, Ash Price, Dan Bradley-Brophy, Sam Clark and Kyle McGregor.

They have already raised over £2,000.