The Madness of Grief: Rev Richard Coles speaks about his husband's death

Northamptonshire writer, broadcaster and vicar the Reverend Richard Coles has opened up about the death of his husband David. 

David Coles died aged 42 in December 2019. In a new book - The Madness of Grief - Reverend Coles speaks about the pain of being alone and the experiences he has had.

Credit: Rev Richard Coles

It's the first time that Reverend Coles - who is vicar of St Mary the Virgin in Finedon, Northamptonshire - has revealed that it was caused by alcohol addiction.

As I began to process his loss, and deal with the grief and talk to his family and those close to him, who knew about his alcoholism, I began to think if i wanted to publish what I’d been writing which was trying to capture the details of what happens when somebody dies and everything around that, then that was part of the story.

Reverend Richard Coles
The book was published this month

So often used to guiding others through their darkest moments, Reverend Coles found himself needing the help.

What I wanted, when I was in the thick of it, I just wanted to know if this is what other people had experienced, I didn’t want people to give me an elaborate way of doing grief, because you don’t do grief, grief does you. I did want to know if other people had walked this path and what it was like for them. I thought I’d write this down just in case that might be useful.

Reverend Richard Coles

The book, which was published this month, has already received widespread acclaim.