A new hope: Ipswich fans give their reaction to takeover

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Ipswich Town fans have given their reaction to the takeover of the club by US consortium Gamechanger 20 Ltd.

The deal was announced this morning after year long talks finally ended in an agreement for Evans to sell the club to the investors from the States.

The deal has left long-suffering Town fans jubilant, especially with news that the new owners were determined to restore the club to it's former glory, with pledges to invest in the playing side of the team and the academy.

Karl Fuller, columnist and fan of the club for 42 years, said the deal brought some good news for the fans.

It brings hope more than anything else, you’ve only got to look at the reaction on social media and everybody is buzzing, it’s put a smile on faces just because there is hope now, that’s what you want as football fans. You don’t expect to win trophies or play like Manchester City we just want a football team that we can be proud of. It just needed a big change that change has come today.

Karl Fuller

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Fans were universal in their joy at the news:

Joe Fairs, of the Blue Monday podcast, said his overall feeling was one of relief that the deal had been completed, and was hopeful the club could finally start moving forward.

The Football Manager researcher said it was unfortunate that the club had regressed under Evans ownership despite huge investment from the elusive owner.

I don’t think it’s been for a lack of trying or for lack of money put in because he’s being very generous, when you see the dead rising to the best part of £100m to himself but he hasn’t learnt his lessons with regards to having someone running the club full time and actually being there on the ground and hopefully these guys from this new ownership group are able to do that

Joe Fairs

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More reaction to follow.