Riders bridle at horse beach ban

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Horse-riders in Frinton are furious after Tendring District Council banned them from riding on the beach. Emma Overton is helping to organise a petition to get the decision overturned.

There isn’t many places to get this full beach experience it’s amazing you’ve got the sand the water and you know the sea water is so good for the horses and it’s a safe place, we’d like them just to rethink their decision and come to a decision where we can all just share the beach

Emma Overton

From the Easter week just gone until October horses have now been completely banned - something Will Lodge of Tendring District Council says is necessary.

We’ve introduced these measures to try and ensure the safety of everybody that uses this beautiful beach here at Frinton, the difficulty we had is that since the pandemic more and more people have been using the beaches because they can’t go elsewhere, which is fantastic to see, but of course with an increase in numbers they can increase the risk of incidents and conflicts between different users.

Will Lodge

Horses barred from the beach

But riders say the beach is a safe place for everyone. Until now, in the summer months, they've been able to use the beach before 9 and after 6, which they say has always worked well. Local councillor Peter Harris says he understands concerns about large visitor numbers, but he says there needs to be a compromise. He's called for an urgent meeting and hopes the council will reconsider. Tendring District Council says it will review the decision in the autumn.