Has blood clot scare put people off vaccines? We ask the people of Corby

You can watch Sarah Cooper's piece here, plus an interview with Prof Paul Hunter from the University of East Anglia.

The government has continued to reassure people that the Covid vaccine developed by Cambridge-based AstraZeneca is safe. It's after the UK medicines regulator said there was a possible link between the drug and "extremely rare" blood clots and that those under the age of 30 will get the choice of an alternative vaccine. 

So has this now changed attitudes about getting the vaccine?

Ollie, Josh and Ashley all work at this gym in Corby Credit: ITV Anglia

Ollie, Josh and Ashley all work at a gym in Corby.

They're all under 30 and fit and healthy - so none of them have had their Covid jab yet.

But when they do - they'll be offered an alternative to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, because of evidence linking it to rare blood clots.

"I don't really have much concerns, no brainer - just take it, it helps everyone out."

"I have big trust in the NHS, so I don't mind what jab I get given, because I know it'll work and then just anything to get back to normality really."

"I'll get the jab yeah - anything to get back to normal life, I'll take a jab in every limb!"

Marcel Binley's making sure the coffee's ready for when the gym reopens on Monday morning.

He's in his forties and had his first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab last month.

Marcel says: "It kind of plays on your mind, even now - a month later, I'm driving along thinking, what happens if I get a blood clot? You just can't help it, it's in your brain isn't it? But, no, I think the odds are stacked well against me getting a blood clot, so hopefully that's not going to happen."

And the government says the odds are VERY slim.

'I think that the fact that we are totally transparent with the data, we are able to spot these side effects even though they are rare, about 4 in a million I think that should reassure people that we are rolling out the vaccine programme as safely as possible and this vaccine has already saved thousands of lives.'

Matt Hancock MP, Health Secretary

A street scene in Corby Credit: ITV Anglia

Official figures suggest Corby has the highest Covid rate in England - although the town's infection rate is falling.

People we spoke to - who've had their first dose of the Oxford jab - aren't all feeling as confident about their second.

"I don't know about the concerns they've said, but I'll probably still have the second one."

"There's always a risk with everything, obviously smoking, the pill, there's always that risk, I feel alright, I don't feel that stressed about it, it's just obviously what's going to happen with the second lot of injections now."

"I'm not that worried really, because the contraceptive pill for instance you're more at risk of getting blood clots from that so I'm completely fine, I'm just a bit more concerned now about my second dose, because where does that leave me, they're saying oh get your second dose still, but if we're at risk then why are we still having that?"

And with restrictions set to ease next week, the vaccine rollout is more important than ever