Meet the Norwich shoe designer making funky footwear for the stars

Emily Jupp's footwear are like works of art.

From garden themes, to literature, to shoes that look good enough to eat, Emily creates one-off commissions as well as footwear for everyday use.

It can take months to make a pair, depending on the client's request.

Her shop in Norwich doubles up as a studio where she also offers customers the chance to bring in their old shoes, to 'upcycle' into new creations.

Emily with her adopted parents and brother Dan Credit: Emily Jupp

Emily previously worked as an opera singer and actress and moved into her store in Tombland three years ago, after growing up in the Caribbean and Bangladesh.

As a baby, she was abandoned on a bus in Jamaica and taken to an orphanage where she was adopted by a British couple working there.

Emily makes 'allsorts' of shoes. Credit: ITV Anglia

Emily said she was inspired to launch her own brand of shoes after the death of her brother Dan, almost ten years ago.

"I wanted to create something in his legacy and his memory", she added.

"My brother was actually an artist himself, and it was really important for me to create something for the community and for myself as well.

"It started online initially and I thought how ridiculous is this, nobody would want a pair of shoes like this, but how wrong I was."

Kylie's chocolate boots Credit: Emily Jupp

Emily's shoes have caught the eye of many celebrities, including Kylie Minogue, whom she made some chocolate-looking stiletto boots for.

Other admirers include Sinitta, Jodie Marsh and soap stars.

The 'teapot' shoes Credit: ITV Anglia

Now, Emily's remarkable life is being showcased in a short film for Sheringham Little Theatre’s Rewriting Rural Racism project.

She hopes that appearing, and singing, in the film will help show how people from all backgrounds and races make up the fabric of modern-day Norfolk.

"It came off the back of the Black Lives Matter movement", Emily continued.

"They created the film using a lot of different migrants from the area. I think it is really important to tell these stories.

"We are all a mixture of stories and I think we should all come together, especially in these times and make the most of our communities."