Police hunt vandals after tyres slashed on 100 cars across Peterborough

A car being taken away to be fixed in Peterborough Credit: ITV Anglia

Police are hunting vandals who went on a wrecking spree across Peterborough, slashing car tyres and using a blow torch on front doors.

Officers say more than 100 cars across the city have had their tyres slashed or let down.

In Harebell Close alone it's been reported that around 50 cars have been targeted.

People living in the area said the attacks were stupid.

One resident said his car had three out of four tyres done and others in his road had suffered similarly.

I'm gutted, I mean i just got my car out of the garage, I've got a Lexus. I just got it out of the garage and it cost me a fortune to get it repaired, now it's going to cost me a fortune in tyres. I'm not loaded and the sheer cost of it is devastating.

John Norris

Police said the attacks were mostly concentrated in Welland, Dogsthorpe and Paston.

A spokesperson from Cambridgeshire Police said: “We have received numerous reports of criminal damage in the Welland, Dogsthorpe and Paston areas of Peterborough overnight.

“From late yesterday (7 April) to this morning it is thought more than 100 cars have had tyres punctured and some residents have reported damage being caused to the doors of their properties."

Tyres on around 100 cars were either slashed or let down Credit: ITV Anglia