The Cambridgeshire centenarian who celebrated his 105th birthday by cooking a roast and going on Facebook

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An extraordinary centenarian has just celebrated his 105th birthday in Cambridgeshire.

David Smith, from Fenstanton, marked the event by cooking a roast beef dinner, having a glass of wine and going live on Facebook.

He still lives independently and does his own garden, cooking and cleaning.

It feels great, really. I think I’m lucky. I keep all my house clean, I do all the work in house. Cooking and keeping myself tidy.

David Smith

Mr Smith enjoys a glass of Guinness and believes the secret to a long life is looking forward not back.

He's certainly embraced modern technology and is happy to shop online. 

Mr Smith with his card from the Queen Credit: Facebook

As a boy he was used to hard work. First on a farm, then collecting milk from the villages around Huntingdon. Picking up churns… and a young lady called Mona

“When I used to pull out of the yard, she’d stand there with her bike, and I’d throw the old bikes on top of the churns, and pick her up and take her into Brampton and then of course I’d continue on my journey.”

David and his wife Mona on their wedding day in 1944 Credit: ITV Anglia

Shortly after they married, David was sent off to war. Serving first in the army, then in the RAF, he celebrated his 103rd birthday by taking a flight from Conington Airfield.

“The pilot, he folded his arms and he said ‘you’re in charge’ so of course there was me with the joystick. It was lovely feeling, feeling you was flying,” he said.

This year he’s flying high online. More than 1600 people have watched the Facebook live he recorded with his nephew, Simon.  

Simon said: “He’s on Facebook all the time, he watches my live videos, he friend requests, he chats to me on Whatsapp. When you look at the things he’s seen over the last 105 years, it’s incredible.”

And David’s already toying with ideas for his 106th birthday…

Some people are talking about him doing a wing-walk...And we’ve promised we’ll be there to film it!