In a nutshell - how Britain's 'smallest' pub can have more customers from today

Exterior of the nutshell pub
Britain's "smallest" pub - The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds Credit: The Nutshell

Britain's "smallest" pub – the Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds - is planning to increase its customer numbers after it is allowed to re-open today.

 The tiny one-bar pub normally has room for just half a dozen drinkers - but now thanks new outdoor drinking rules landlord Geoff Page can serve more than 20 at tables on the pavement outside. 

Inside the tiny Nutshell pub in Bury St Edmunds Credit: The Nutshell

With a bar that measures just 15ft by 7ft, The Nutshell proudly holds the title of smallest pub in Britain as confirmed in the Guinness Book of Records. Although various other watering holes have claimed to be smaller.

It first started serving beer in 1867.