Birthday celebrations for IVF family

  • Watch Rebecca Haworth's report on Ella's birthday celebrations

A very special 18th birthday has taken place which ITV Anglia has followed from the moment Ella Sawford was conceived. 

Ella's IVF journey was filmed for a documentary series made by Anglia in 2003.

Almost two decades ago camera crews followed Ella's parents, Becky and Steve, recording the highs and lows of their IVF journey.

The couple from Bedford went through four rounds of IVF treatment at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic in Cambridge and finally, their dream came true.

18 years on and Ella's the footage for the first time.

After the joy of having Ella, Becky and Steve went on to have two more girls naturally. They always say to people in the situation they were in never to give up and keep on going.