First Moderna jabs given in the Anglia region as vaccination target is hit

People in the Anglia region have been among the first in England to receive doses of the Moderna vaccine.

Today vaccination centres in Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire were among the first to start using the new Moderna vaccine - the third jab to be approved in the UK.

The Government's announced it's hit its target of offering a first covid vaccination to all over 50s and high risk groups ahead of its target day on Thursday.

The Moderna vaccine is now available in England Credit: ITV Anglia

Nearly two thirds of adults in the Anglia region have now had a vaccine.

63.5% of adults in the East of England have had their first jab, that's just over 3.2 million people. And more than 800,000 people have now had both doses - that's about 15% of the adult population as of yesterday.

Darren Walker was one of the first to get the Moderna jab Credit: ITV Anglia

In Stevenage, Darren is amongst the first in England to get his first dose of it.

At 47, he's also one of the first in phase 2 of the vaccine rollout to be offered a jab.

He said: "I think it's amazing success story for there to have been a range of vaccines developed so quickly and available to the public, it's brilliant."

People receiving the jab in Stevenage Credit: ITV Anglia

Northamptonshire's Moulton Park vaccination centre was also one of the first centres in England to offer the Moderna.

It comes as the UK reaches the milestone of offering a first dose to all over 50s and those in high risk groups, days ahead of it's 15th of April target 

By Easter Sunday more than 90% of over 50s in the Anglia region had had their first jab - and that's expected to be higher when the latest stats come out this week 

People get their vaccination in Stevenage Credit: ITV Anglia

With the addition of the Moderna jab, Robertson House in Stevenage centre is offering 1500 vaccines a day. Until last week the centre was offering up to 1,000 a day.

The only thing that could hold up this successful and speedy rollout, is supply.

Sarah Brown who's Director of Nursing & Quality at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust said:

"So there is still a reduction in supply at this present time, but we're still able to book first bookings which is great news and obviously having the moderna come here this week for first doses has been absolutely fantastic so it's enabled us to open up even more. And we're still reviewing it day by day as to what gets booked up as to whether or not we need to open up more slots so we're working on that now that the extra cohorts been opened up it means we can look to open up more bookings."

Over 45s are now being invited to book in for their jab online as phase 2 of the programme gets underway.

But despite supply concerns, the government is confident it can keep up 

They're aiming to offer all adults their first dose by the end of July.