'It wrecks your life': Mother of 28-year-old who died with Covid urges people to get the vaccine

The mother of 28-year-old from Norwich, who died with coronavirus, is urging people to get the vaccine.

Kyanna had a rare form of asthma and had been shielding throughout the pandemic.

In December, she was taken to hospital after an asthma attack and later tested positive for the virus.

Her symptoms worsened and Kyanna was put on a ventilator, but a few days later her mother Kirstie got the call to come and say goodbye.

"Got woken up, the phone ringing, instantly my heart sunk", Kirstie said.

"It was the hospital saying we think you need to come up here, we think it is time. The doctor had said there is nothing more they could do, her lungs were beyond repair."

Kyanna Sutton was 28 when she died with coronavirus in January. Credit: Kirstie Sutton

Kirstie also caught Covid and initially didn't want the vaccine, but after losing her daughter she has changed her mind.

"I was adamant that I don't want it, I will take my chances thinking it would just affect me, but the realised I could take it into somebody else," she added.

If it saves one person then it has got to be worth doing because it could be somebody else's daughter, somebody else's mother, somebody else's grandmother and it does, it wrecks your life.

Kirstie Sutton, Kyanna's mum

"Just please sit up, take notice and follow the rules", Kirstie continued.

"Put your mask on, sanitise your hands, stay away from people, and don't go socialising unnecessarily because you have got to try and save people. Unfortunately some people still don't seem to think it is real."