Long covid: one family's struggle to find the right rehab support

  • Watch a report by ITV Anglia's Rebecca Haworth

Jeremy Clough still isn't well enough to return to his family's Northamptonshire home since contracting Covid over a year ago. He has had to learn to walk and talk again.

He was discharged to undergo rehab in Warwickshire but it's been a long road to recovery because he also has muscular dystrophy.

Jeremy needs special rehab and support but his family are now struggling to find anywhere suitable nearby in Northamptonshire to look after him.

"If he had a brain injury or a stroke, we could get him into a rehab easily, but because he hasn't, it's covid and covid is new there are no rehabs for covid at all," Jeremy's sister, Nicola Clough said.

Jeremy remains too unwell to be looked after at home and the stress is taking its toll on his family.

"You know I can't begin to tell you how awful it has been, and it's getting worse actually, because when he was in hospital you were worried sick, but you couldn't do anything except worry, now we're having to fight for everything that we want and it's just so hard," said Gill Clough, Jeremy's mother.

But Northamptonshire's Clinicial Commissioning Group insists that help is available and in a statement to ITV Anglia described the services that people can access.

Jeremy's family said they had never heard of this service and have since found a local care home that could work for him. But they're still waiting to hear if he will be able to stay there.