Flowerbeds, baths and beyond: Peterborough charity wins award for transforming unwanted tubs

  • Watch this video report by ITV News Anglia's Stuart Leithes in Peterborough

When bathroom suites are replaced in the house, the tubs can often end up in a landfill site.

A charity in Peterborough saves unwanted bathtubs by turning them into flower beds for schools and social projects.

We've only existed for just over a year and most of that has been spent in lockdown. So to be acknowledged for what we're trying to do, we're really humbled. We're doing our little bit by taking in baths and donations of unwanted wood. Everyone should be recycling, thinking about the environment and reducing waste and landfill

Dave Poulton, Founder

The team at 'Up The Garden Bath' have now won a national award for their work.

They were recognised in the 'Social Farms and Gardens' charity's 40th-anniversary awards.

'Up the Garden Bath' won in the 'Best Response to Climate Change' category.

This is one of the charity's recent projects in Peterborough Credit: ITV News Anglia

acres of landfill are currently in the UK

One of the charity's recent projects in Peterborough has even been funded by the local police and crime commission to help discourage antisocial fly-tipping.

The added attention thanks to the national award, has been a welcome plug for the planter projects. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's a really nice process because you get to see something go from its raw ugly state to something that you can be actually quite proud of. Once it's all planted up and everything's growing in it, it's really fulfilling

Matt Johnson, Charity worker