Good moaning Maldon: Radio station breached rules by playing explicit hit

The radio station fell foul of Ofcom

A radio station that broadcast a song containing "prolonged sounds of sexual moaning" at around 8.20am has been told the track was not appropriately scheduled.

Communications regulator Ofcom said that Essex-based Caroline Community Radio played the song French Kiss by Lil Louis at a "time when children were particularly likely to be listening to the radio".

A report said the song contained no lyrics but included "prolonged sounds of sexual moaning lasting two minutes and 20 seconds".

The station's licensee said it had been in the process of transferring its music library from one computer system to another and that "some scheduling restrictions that it had applied to songs had not been carried across to the new system".

A report said the licensee "did not wish to offend its listeners and confirmed that it was undertaking a review of its database to ensure all song information is correct".

Ofcom said in a report that it took into account representations that "given the radio station's target audience, the likelihood of children listening was low".

It ruled that the broadcast of the song was "not appropriately scheduled" in breach of rule 1.3 of the Broadcasting Code, which states that "children must ... be protected by appropriate scheduling from material that is unsuitable for them".

Caroline Community Radio broadcasts in the Maldon district of Essex. It is an independent organisation but has connections to the famous formerly ship-based pirate radio station Radio Caroline, including use of its name and a umber of its volunteers who worked on Radio Caroline.