'The difference between life and death': New East Anglian Air Ambulance hangar allows charity to help more people

The hangar can even be dismantled and moved if needed in the future. Credit: East Anglian Air Ambulance

East Anglian Air Ambulance has unveiled its new hangar at Cambridge Airport.

The building is situated next to the charity's office, and means their helicopter doesn't have to be dragged across the airfield before taking off. 

Moving the Airbus H145 helicopter used to take at least 30 minutes a day. 

They hope the structure will allow up to an extra 180 hours of flying time a year, allowing crews to respond to emergencies across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk for a longer time.

Credit: East Anglian Air Ambulance

The hangar can even be dismantled and moved if needed in the future.

Half an hour of extra flight time a day may not seem like a huge increase, but we’re really pleased to have been able to construct this new hangar to give us the maximum response time possible. That half an hour could make a huge difference to someone who needs our help and be the difference between life or death in some situations. Having a designated hangar next to the base will also be of huge benefit to our pilots during periods of bad weather and will cut down immensely on their workload at the start and end of the day, meaning they can focus more on being online and ready to respond to an emergency.

Matthew Jones, Director of Operations at EAAA

Patrick Peal, the co-founder and CEO of the charity, recently announced that he would be stepping down later this year.

The new hangar comes ahead of its plans to be able to operate the flying service 24/7.