‘Miracle’ cat survives being hit by a bus in Luton

Rescuers searched for two weeks trying to find Trudie. Credit: RSPCA

Trudie the cat has been described as a ‘miracle’ after she survived being hit by a bus in Luton.

Rescuers spent more than a fortnight trying to find the tortoiseshell, who has been named St Gertrude after the Patron Saint of Cats. 

Passersby stopped to help Trudie after she was struck but she quickly darted off. 

A search soon started with volunteers putting up posters, sending out leaflets and publishing social media appeals, until one day they received a call.

She remains under the care of staff at the RSPCA. Credit: RSPCA

Vets had to remove one of Trudie’s eyes and wire her jaw. Unable to eat for the first week she was fed via a tube but things are now looking up. 

Trudie has started to eat on her own and is enjoying the fuss staff and volunteers are giving her. 

They have raised over £2,500 to pay for the cats medical bills. Credit: Justgiving

The team set up a fundraising account to pay for her medical bills, which have totalled £2,000.