Bricklayer Darcie's viral videos cement her status as social media sensation

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Like many young people, Darcie Richards didn't really have a fix on which career she'd like to pursue.

On returning to Norfolk after travelling across Australia she decided to go to work with her dad and brothers to help the family building firm, until she figured things out.Well that stop-gap has now lasted two years and resulted in the 25-year-old, from Attleborough, not only becoming a skilled bricklayer but also a social media sensation.

The family business...

Darcie is something of a rarity. Figures published by the Smith Institute show just 11 per cent of the workforce in the construction industry is made up of women.

The Office for National Statistics noted that numbers of women who work as roofers, bricklayers and glaziers were so low as to be unmeasurable in its recent national survey.

The Smith Institute

That is a fact that's not lost on her friends.

My friends couldn't quite believe it. They were like 'are you SURE you want to be a bricklayer?'

Darcie Richards

"I really like having a hands on job," said Darcie. "I feel it's really, really rewarding.

"I like that when you get here you can just crack on and the day just goes so fast - and always just laughing all day long."

Well, Darcie decided to share some of those laughs online.

Her TikTok videos have been watched by millions - breaking walls and stereotypes - in a bid to inspire other women to go into construction.

If any girl is looking to go into the industry, I highly recommend it.

Darcie Richards

"I've met girls online who are plumbers, electricians, truck drivers and they all absolutely love their job.

"I love mine so I just hope that more girls go out and take a chance. Go onto a site and see what it's like - because you never know unless you try."