Visitors allowed back to see patients at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge

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Hospital patients are being allowed to see their loved ones face-to-face again at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge.Visitors were allowed back onto adult inpatient wards last week, as there are now only a handful of Covid patients being treated at the hospital.They have to follow strict guidelines and the policy change will be monitored by hospital bosses every day.

Father and son David and Craig Canham are among those who have been reunited face to face.

David has not been able to have any visitors for most of his stay in hospital Credit: ITV News Anglia

David is 83-years-old and recovering from a bowel cancer operation.

He has not been allowed any visitors for most of his 6-week hospital stay, but now Craig is able to be at his bedside.

David said: "It's like somebody's put that light on, just to see somebody you know."

Currently patients are only allowed to nominate one person as a visitor, who's allowed to come for one hour a day.

Even in those circumstances, Craig said it is "absolutely wonderful" and "means the world" to see his father.

Covid-19 cases have been falling at Addenbrooke's over the last few weeks.

Bosses say it is now safe to start relaxing visiting restrictions but there are still strict guidelines in place.

Lorraine Szeremeta, the hospital's chief nurse, said: "For patients that have been in for longer than 48 hours in our adult inpatient areas, we are allowing one named visitor to come in in a booked time slot.

"We're asking that visitors are ringing the ward to book their time and that's for a number of reasons, but mainly so that we do not have too many people on the ward at the same time.

"We have restricted space at bedsides for our patients and we need to maintain social distancing."

Visitors are expected to follow strict hygiene rules Credit: ITV News Anglia

Other hospitals in the Anglia region have also relaxed visiting restrictions. Places like Milton Keynes and the Norfolk and Norwich have also introduced the one nominated visitor rule.

Visitors to Addenbrooke's have been told they must wear masks and sanitise their hands, and anyone with Covid-19 symptoms should stay at home.

David is hoping to be going home next week, but before then he knows his son Craig can come back to keep him company.