Cambridgeshire village feels 'let down' by A14 upgrade

People living close to part of the newly upgraded A14 near Cambridge want Highways England to fulfil promises on reducing noise levels.

Villagers in Histon say the agency has failed to carry out a raft of measures designed to mitigate the impact on their community.

I thought that they were doing a good job and they haven't really delivered on it.

Ed Benn, local resident

"I mean there's still time for them to do it. They can still turn this around, green it up and extend the barrier, there's no reason why they can't. All of this can be overcome," Ed Benn added.

Local resident, Ed Benn, says there's still time for Highway England to act. Credit: ITV Anglia

Locals said they were promised a noise reducing barrier would be extended more than 100 metres further and greenery that was destroyed during the project would be replaced.

One of the plans was to that an embankment and barrier would be sympathetically covered with climbing and trailing plants, but that has not happened yet.

Locals say they were told this embankment would be covered with climbing and trailing plants. Credit: ITV Anglia

Highways England told ITV Anglia that the presence of a high pressure gas main prevented the barrier being extended further. Instead, ulta-low noise surfacing material was applied to road which the agency said gives better sound reduction results than an extended barrier would have done.

But residents in Histon say those measures still leave them feeling blighted and are looking to Highways England to do more.