From injuries to getaway vehicles - 120 e-scooter incidents reported in Norfolk

Credit: PA

Electric scooters are being used in dozens of offences in Norfolk, according to a Freedom of Information request seen by the PA news agency. 

The request shows Norfolk Constabulary listed 120 incidents from anti-social behaviour to dangerous driving. 

They included "suspects on electric scooters" following an assault, a male on an e-scooter who carried out a burglary, and a person who "made off from police" using an e-scooter.

Traffic offences were outlined by the force, including an e-scooter pulling a trailer on a 60mph road. In another incident a "intoxicated male" left a supermarket car park on an e-scooter "following an altercation".

Someone was also injured after an e-scooter was ridden into a car. 

Whilst private e-scooters are used by many across the county, they are only legally allowed to be ridden on public roads where hire schemes have been agreed by local authorities.

Riders who take part in the trials need a valid driving licence and the scooters are limited to 15.5mph.