"It's taken over our lives" the sisters of a murdered schoolgirl demand change in the law

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The sisters of a girl murdered 35 years ago in Corby are calling on the Government to change the law surrounding the sex offenders register.

Collette Gallacher was just 6 years old and on her way to school when she was abducted, and murdered by Adam Stein.

Adam Stein was released from jail earlier this year

It happened 35 years ago, before the sex offenders register existed. As a result, when he was released earlier this year, he wasn't on it. Claire and Lauren worry he's not the only one.

Claire and Lauren Holmes are calling for a change in the law

Stein is obviously for us the one person we know who's evading it but there's obviously going to be other people. I mean you could've committed the most horrific act in 1996, and been sentenced but not now be on the sex offenders register. So how many of the families are out there under the assumption that the people that have killed their family members.. are being monitored but they're not.

Claire & Lauren Holmes, Collette's sisters

The sisters have now started a petition for the law should be changed, and Claire told ITV News Anglia that getting it done shouldn't be such an uphill struggle.

"It feels like if we hadn't have pushed all this, then the public safety wouldn't have been brought into it. Because we feel as though fighting for him and others to be put onto the register is something that should have been automatically done when the register  came in, and it feels like we're fighting for the public safety instead of the bodies who should be giving it"

In a statement the Ministry of Justice said

"Stein will be on licence for life and subject to strict conditions including close monitoring and restrictions on contact with children - and he could be brought back to prison if he breaches them."

A memorial bench has been placed in Coronation Park in memory of Collette

The MOJ claim the conditions are stricter than those he'd face, if just on the register but the sisters disagree. Even though Claire hadn't even been born when Collete was killed and Lauren was only 15 months old, the whole family still bears the scars from her loss. 

"It has completely taken over our lives and it's draining it's really draining we've always lived with it we've always lived with the sadness that comes with the loss of a sibling and the change it puts into my mum but actually living it in the current life is a lot different something we've never done before so it has been struggle but we know we're doing it for the right reasons and you know it's what my mum would want us to do I think because she doesn't have the strength to do it herself." Lauren Holmes